Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Interview by Margaret Keller at Temporary Arts Review

Quorum, a group show organized by Regina Rex at The Pit, LA.

The Weight of Light, a group show organized by Melissa Oresky, upcoming at DEMO Project, Springfield, IL.

Costermongering, a group show curated by Paul Branca at Belmacz, London, UK.

Review of Interiors in the Boston Globe.

Family Ties, Two Person show with Dan Gualdoni at Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, TN.

Spring/Summer 2016

Folds and Fields my solo show at Asya Geisberg Gallery, as seen in Two Coats of Paint and Haber Arts.

Interiors, group show curated by Eric Stefanski, at Dorchester Art Project in Boston, MA

Super Sketchy, Alleyoop Projects at DCTV, Manhattan, NY

Transaction, Elijah Wheat Showroom at Knockdown Center, Queens

Residency, Le Chateau de Monthelon, Summer 2016

Travel Grant to Charleston, East Sussex, Faculty Travel Grant, SMFA

Summer/Fall 2015

NADA Miami with Artadia

NYFA 2015 Fellowship in Painting, and an interview with NYFA Current

Interview with Regina Rex in W Magazine

Just Six Degrees, with Liz Nielson and Jonathan Van Dyke

Hot Slice, at Zolla Lieberman Gallery in Chicago, curated by Liz Nielson and Carolina Wheat

SFAQ on my work at Untitled, Miami

Winter 2014-15

Thrilled to be showing at Untitled with fellow Asya Geisberg Gallery artists Rebecca Morgan and Ricardo Gonzalez. SFAQ had some nice coverage, as did Joanne Mattera.

Tightened, as if by Pliers, Ortega Y Gassett Projects at Knockdown Center, Queens, through January 25th.

Stilled Life, The Institute Library, New Haven Connecticut. Thanks to Sophie Aston for organizing.

Ice Storm, at The Willows

Upcoming: SMFA Faculty Travel Grant to Paris to see Sonia Delaunay at the Musee d'Art Moderne.